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AAA Fire Services

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AAA Fire Services 

Perform Fire Hydrant Flow Tests using Pitot-less Hose Monsters for most accurate results

Comprehensive Fire Alarm & Life Safety Services 

System Testing & Inspection

Meets NFPA72, FM, ULC S536, The Joint Commission and AHJ requirements

Preventative Maintenance

Decrease false alarms and business interruption

Battery Load Testing

Meets NFPA72 and ULC S536 requirements and maintains reliability of secondary power sources

Web Based Reporting

Online access to inspection reports

iCare real time service management

Aspiring Early Warning Smoke Detection 

Test & Inspection

Complies with NFPA72, ULC S536 and manufacturer requirements

Smoke Sensor Sensitivity Testing

Reduces false alarms and maintains compliance

Smoke Control & Damper Testing

Provides verification and performance testing in accordance with NFPA92A

Emergency Service & Repair Labor

Prevents Budget overruns from unexpected labor costs

Replacement Parts

Protects budget from unexpected material costs

UL Listed Monitoring

Provides 24/7 facility alarm protection

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Test & Certification

Complies with NFPA25 and NFPA72 requirements

Pre-Action Sprinkler System Test & Inspection

Includes pre-action, dray and deluge systems; complies with NFPA and NFPA72 requirements

Fire Pump Test & Certification

Complies with NFPA20, NFPA25 and AHJ requirements

Backflow Preventer Test & Recertification

Provides recertification of fire and domestic backflow preventers

Suppression System Test & Inspection

Complies with NFPA25, NFPA72, AHJ and ULC S536

Kitchen Hood System Test & Inspection

Provides compliance with NFPA17A and/or NFPA96

Emergency Lighting System Test & Inspection

Complies with OSHA and NFPA101 requirements

Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Maintenance

Provides compliance with NFPA10 requirements

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AAA Team

We have total of 22 team members on our Portfolio

5 team members work from the office which includes, accounting, sales / marketing, and customer services

6 team members are licensed Fire Alarm Technicians who certify Fire Systems in field

3 team members are licensed Master Electrician who handle any Electrical work

4 team members are licensed Sprinkler Fitters who perform Sprinkler Inspections

4 are assisting technicians who work in conjunction with licensed staff in the field

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Services We Offer

Monthly Fire Inspections

Annual Fire Inspections

Fire Safety Plans

Fire Installations

Fire Monitoring

Violation Correction


Elevator Modernization

24/7 Dispatch Service

Retro-Fit Services

Fire Hydrant Services

Kitchen Fire Systems

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